Tuesday, August 30, 2016


 The first day of volunteering at the GoldRing Center of Nutrition began as calmly and easy-going as I could have wished for. With the start of the new school season, the class was seeing a lower attendance rate comparatively to previous classes,so much so that second portion of cooking supplies had to be returned to the freezer for another day. Although I expected to be doing a fair amount of cooking and prep work, I ultimately ended acting as a troubleshooting agent and cooking assistant for the students of the class. Rather than chopping vegetables, preparing chicken or skinning potatoes, I was cleaning dishes, washing bowls, and retrieving extra knives. Typically one might assume that I would feel bored or unchallenged given this situation, but reflective of the Goldring nutrition center the skills you learn and obtain are relative to the amount of effort put in . The staff at the Goldring center rewards curiosity, answering questions in an understandable manner while simultaneously posing the pro's and con's. I believe that my first experience volunteering at the Goldring center was a lesson in humility and humbleness. Despite being a student in the pharmacology program, to properly practice medicine it is important to take a step back and create an opportunities for others to best learn.