Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 2017

April Community Service Hours: 12.5 Hours
Volunteer Hours for Spring Semester 2017: 41.5 hrs
Completed Hours for the Year: 84.25

...And with that, comes to an end to the Tulane's Master in Pharmacology program...well, kinda.

As my fellow classmate's posts will probably have pointed out, it seems like this second half of the program has passed by in a flash. With so many festivals, events, and seafood boil that occurred throughout the weeks, it became an effort equivalent to a class itself attempting balance New Orlean's culture immersion while also studying the medicine and science needed to help the city. After exploring various parts of the city, as well as experiencing the ... "lavish" celebrations, it makes me inflect and consider the metaphorical comparison of how young adults may treat themselves in the present, unaware or uncaring of the implications that can happen in the future.

Although I've mentioned it before, after working a nightly part-time job along with studying for this program, my understanding of the importance nutrition has only become compounded along with my experiences at the Goldring nutrition center. Too often have I found myself being a hypocrite who got fast food 3-4 times a week, and eating out despite being able to cook at home given proper ingredient and meal prep. I've even started adapting to soylent (An instantaneous meal) when I don't have time for food, or can't afford to leave for home and lose my study spot.

Now that the program has come to an end,  I still intend to volunteer at the Goldring nutrition center, and once the MCAT is over, hopefully, a research position that I can learn from, and help apply to this city.

After a year of graduating from my undergrad, I've been thrown back into the racing seats of "real life" where this time, I have gained more knowledge and experience from this program, to (kinda) know where I'm headed.

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