Monday, April 3, 2017

March 2017 Blog

Despite being one of the longer months of the year, March, just like February came to a very quick close. Now that Mardi Gras has come to an end, the extra second hurrah of the Irish channel parade is over, and now we're in the full swing of crawfish boil season. My schedule, which was a balance of school, my part time job, and whenever I could sleep has finally reached a sense of regularity and I've been able to get back to volunteering at the Goldring nutrition center.

Trying to maintain my studies, along with working at my job helps further cement my understanding of why fast food and eating out is so common in New Orleans along with its correlation to obesity. There have been many nights, that after working until about 4 AM in the morning, that despite having food I could easily heat up upon getting home, that I chose to get the 5$ craving box from taco bell (both a combination of caloric value and that nothing else is open during that time).

My roommate and I also attempt to participate in meal prep, but too often between him and I, do we end up having extra food that we have to throw out one week, and too many items that go bad in the middle of the week that has caused cooking to be a chore rather than an enjoyment.

I enjoy volunteering at the Goldring center because it positively reverses my current ideologies around cooking. By cooking together as a community/group of friends, as well as eating the meals together afterwards it enhances the symbolism of food being an experience, rather than a simple nutritional hassle. The emphasis is also strengthened knowing that the food being cooked is more nutritionally viable and cheaper than my 3$ chalupa.

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